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Easily make and receive calls, control your music, and use your voice-activated assistant with the in-grip buttons. Our patented RODL technology is compatible with any cellular phone and the grips are fully wireless – no connections needed.



  • 6 ultra-responsive buttons that play, pause, call and more
  • Volume (+/-), voice calls, skip/rewind tracks
  • Up to 50 hours of connectivity in a single charge
  • Sweat and water resistant



  • Weight: 8 oz (250 grams)
  • Dimensions: 4.33" x 1.97" (11cm x 5cm)
  • Materials: High-quality, rugged ABS plastic core with soft synthetic exterior
  • Bluetooth Version 5.2
  • Compatible with iPhone (up to iOS 14) and Android (up to OS 10)


  • "This product would make my commute to work so much more enjoyable!" - Elliot (39)
  • "Whenever I was on a ride with a group and someone got a work call that they had to take, the whole group would have to stop. Very disruptive. These grips solve that!" - Mike (54)
  • "As someone who loves long distance rides, I love this and I need it on my bike right away!" - Kate (26)