Ride DNA

Control your music with your bicycle grips!

Control Your Music

Play music or podcasts and change the volume, all using the in-grip buttons.

Control Your Phone

Make calls, pick up or hang up, and control the volume from your grips.

Digital Assistant

Siri, Google Assistant… they all answer when you summon them with RODL grips.

Take control without lifting a finger

RODL ergonomic handlebar grips have built-in buttons that wirelessly control your mobile device. No more tapping a phone screen while trying to steer your bike AND keep an eye on your surroundings.

RODL Grips Are Safer

Cars became infinitely safer when audio controls and voice commands were built into the steering wheel. RODL brings those same features to your bike!

Universally Compatible

Whatever phone you have, however you access your phone’s audio and voice, RODL connects and integrates seamlessly – no wires needed.

Grip Features

RODL black ergonomic handlebar grip

Wireless Connection

RODL works as an input device to your phone, so you can also connect to your headphones or speakers of choice.

RODL ergonomic grips USB charging port

USB Charging

RODL grips use a Bluetooth Low Energy chip, so they can go months without needing a charge – even if you ride every day!

RODL black soft touch ergonomic grip built-in buttons controls

Ergonomic Comfort

Our patented RODL grip design was created by a team of engineers to be incredibly comfortable. 

RODL Grips

Easily make and receive calls, control your music, and use your voice-activated assistant with the in-grip buttons.

Our patented RODL technology is compatible with any cellular phone and the grips are fully wireless – no connections needed.